Peter du Toit Won 1 Million and Built More Quarters Hotel in Cape Town

Peter du Toit is the proud owner of More Quarters Hotel in Cape Town, but he has Lady Luck to thank for this. Many people end up losing more than they win when they gamble, but this was not the case with Peter.

Peter’s Dream When He Was Growing Up

Peter was raised in the west of Cape Town in a house that was just a few hundred metres away from a very popular hotel. Each day, he would pass by this hotel on the way to school and see just how busy it was. One morning, he turned to his mum and said, “Mum, when I am older, I am going to own my own hotel”. His mum, always being the one to tell things how it is, told him that hotels cost a lot of money to build and he would never have enough money to build his own

cape-town-hotel cape-town-hotel

During his teenage years, Peter took a course in hospitality at the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality which he recommends to this day to anyone wanting to pursue a career in this When he finished that he got a job working as a porter in one of Cape Town’s top hotels. He worked hard and worked his way up to the manager’s position, but he still really wanted to open up his own hotel.

Peter, in his spare time, loved to spend a couple of hours at the local casinos playing slot games. He never really won much, but he didn’t lose much either. He just seemed to be the type of person that would end up breaking even. He didn’t really care though as he was mainly playing just for the fun of it.

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Then, one evening, his life changed for good. He popped into a casino after a long shift at work, planning to play for just thirty minutes or so. Just something to help him relax after a long day.

Twenty minutes later he had won one million on a slot machine. He didn’t even know how to react, but he knew that his life had now changed for the better. He even called over one of the members of staff to make sure that what he was seeing was true and that it wasn’t some kind of cruel malfunction. It wasn’t, and Peter was now a millionaire.

He Made His Dream Come True

slot-machine slot-machine

The first thing that he did was phone up his mum and tell her, “you know when I was a kid you told me that I would never be able to open my own hotel because I would never have enough money? Well, I just won one million on a slot machine!” His mum never replied because she had fainted from the news.

When the money arrived in his bank account, he started looking for the perfect location to build a hotel. He found the perfect spot on Upper Union Street, which is in the heart of the city. The location is something that is extremely important for a hotel because if it is too far away from everything, nobody will want to stay there.

He then decided that he wanted to do something a bit different to a normal hotel. Therefore, instead of building a huge hotel with around two hundred rooms, he decided that sixteen self-catered apartments complete with all the mod cons anyone could need would be perfect.

more-quarters-hotel more-quarters-hotel

He thought that his business would be successful, but he never imagined that it would be as successful as it has been. During the summer months, he rarely has an apartment free and many of them are booked many months in advance. His busiest times are when South Africa are playing a big cricket match at the Newlands Cricket Ground.

He is living the dream and he is loving every single minute of it.